Blanc de Shot Mask - 15 g
15 g
Blanc de Shot Mask - 15 g
Blanc de Shot Mask - 15 g
Blanc de Shot Mask - 15 g
Blanc de Shot Mask - 15 g

Blanc de Shot Mask - 15 g

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15 g
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Soaked with a formula enriched with Paeonia Albiflora, known for its brightening properties, BLANC DE SHOT MASK helps to give a radiance boost thanks to a structure made from smooth cellulose fibers, which helps to diffuse its active ingredients.


Lightly press on the mask sachet to distribute the product evenly. Unfold the mask and apply on clean dry skin. Leave on for 15 minutes. Remove the mask, then use your fingertips to pat in any remaining product into the skin. This is a single-use mask. With any mask, test on a small patch of skin first to check of any allergies or irritabilities.


Major Ingredients
Poria Cocos Extract Anti-oxidant, soothing
Paeonia Albiflora Root Extract Soothing
Licorice Anti-oxidant, soothing
Niacinamide Helps to brighten the skin
Sodium Hyaluronate Moisturizing

Reference: 6AA40018

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